International Fellows Hall of Fame


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The U.S. Army War College International Fellows Hall of Fame was established to provide a prestigious and visible means of honoring USAWC IF graduates who have attained, through military merit, the highest positions in their nation's armed forces, or who have held an equivalent position by rank or responsibility in a multinational organization.


To qualify, the International Fellow must be a graduate of the U.S. Army War College and must have accomplished, through military merit, one of the following:

  1. Serve as the senior officer in one of his nation's service components.
  2. Serve in the highest command position in a national service component or the nation's armed forces (i.e., equivalent of CJCS, Army Chief of Staff or Service Chief of Staff when such position entails service component command, commanding general - gendarmerie).
  3. Hold a position equivalent to (b) in a multinational organization while holding a rank equal to highest rank held in his nation's service component (e.g. Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Commander of a major UN mission).
  4. Be internationally recognized as having made a significant and enduring military or humanitarian contribution to international peace and stability.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be made by the senior U.S. in-country representative responsible for the U.S. Security Assistance Program, or when more appropriate, by the Combatant Commander of a U.S. unified or specified command. The following documentation should be forwarded to the International Fellows Program, USAWC, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013 with information copies to the appropriate U.S. combatant commander:

    Letter of nomination - The original must explain in detail how the nominee qualifies for the nomination with inclusive dates of appointment if current. The nomination must be signed by in-country U.S. Chief of Mission or include an endorsement from them stating concurrence with the nomination.

    Biographical Data - A short biographic summary of the officer's military service must be included.

    Photographs - Two 8"x10" color glossy photographs suitable for permanent display must also be included or the electronic file (jpeg) in order to print locally (i.e. file of at least 5 megabytes).

Clearance Process

Upon receipt of a nomination packet, the USAWC will review it for completeness, accuracy, and suitability then forward it to the Commandant for recommendation. The USAWC will then forward approved recommendations, to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation (DASA (DE&C)) for concurrence and clearance by the Department of Defense and by the Department of State. After the final approval from the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, the USAWC will inform the nominating agency, requesting that they obtain approval from both the host government and the nominee to accept the induction. The nominating agency will advise the USAWC of acceptance, and coordinate the induction ceremony. For nominees disapproved by Department of the Army or who decline induction, no further action is taken. The Department of the Army approval process takes approximately five to six months. The USAWC will not schedule an induction ceremony until a nomination is approved.

Induction Ceremony

All Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are held at the USAWC. Inductees are cordially welcome to travel to Carlisle Barracks to be inducted in person. The USAWC cannot fund this travel. Inductions may be conducted with the officer in absentia. In these cases, the senior International Fellow from the country or region represents the officer to be inducted and the USAWC will forward to the nominating agency a Certificate of Honor for an in-country presentation to the inductee. Copies of photographs and any newspaper publicity of the Carlisle Barrack's ceremony will be forwarded as well.

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