Conversation and Culture for IF Spouses


Conversation and Culture (C & C) is a fun social program for the Spouses and Adult Children (over the age of 18) of the USAWC International Fellows (IFs). This program is designed to help participants learn more about American cultures and customs, as well as understanding other International Spouse’s values and beliefs, all while practicing your English! Most Spouses make childcare arrangements for their younger children. However, if childcare is an issue, we would prefer for you to bring your child than to miss the activities. Some events will require a RSVP, and some are not appropriate for small children; this will be indicated in advance.

Most C & C events will be held on Tuesdays at the Post Chapel or we will meet at the Exchange Parking lot for bus tours. Example of some C & C highlights: Milton Hershey Foundation, Fuller Lake, Pennsylvania Governor’s Mansion, State Capitol and King of Prussia.

During the second part of the year, we ask each IF Spouse to give a presentation on their country. We want to learn about your culture, customs, traditions, current events, family, music, dance, architecture….. Be creative-Have fun!


We always welcome volunteers to help support the program. During the first half of the year- we invite volunteers to be chaperons on some of our off-site trips. We expect volunteers to socialize with our IF Spouses, to assist in answering questions, providing one-on-one advise on everyday situations, and to encourage IF Spouses to practice their English.

During programs held at the Post Chapel, we ask volunteers to assist with the set-up and clean-up for these events.

The C & C program is funded 100% through private corporate donations and executed by volunteers.

ESL Classes

Conversation and Culture provides a 100 hour English as a Second Language (ESL) for our International Spouses and Adult Children (Dependents over the age of 18). We provide certified ESL teachers and classes are offered at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels based on the need of the current class. Each participant will be evaluated and placed with others who have similar English Levels. There is no cost with these ESL Classes. The course is focused on basic English language concepts such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversation and comprehension.

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