The Carlisle Experience
Insider Tips for Students & Families


Plan & Know, Before You Go


The Student Experience

The academic plan empowers students to develop individualized paths of professional development. This section lays out the academic plan by mapping the year and your student colleagues: active and reserve Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard officers, international officers and interagency representatives.

All resident students will complete core courses and make multiple selections to customize their academic experience. This section is a first look at the core program, special programs, elective examples, options for strategic research projects. It describes the seminar dynamics and expert faculty. And, it introduces the Army War College centers, institutes, library, etc. whose resources and expertise are available to USA War College students.

The co-curricular experience includes team sports, speaking engagements, and optional participation in conferences or wargames. Parallel academic and co-curricular activities are part of the professional development path - complemented by a span of activities for personal growth, relationship building, and family time.


The International Experience

The Army War College incorporates a broader international experience than other war colleges, with as many as 80 select international officers integrated into the student body and all academic, sports, social, and community activities. Officers from allied/partner nations serve as faculty and staff experts, as well.


Your 1st 30 days

For the resident class of 2018, The First 30 Days lays out what you need to know to navigate arrival, in-processing, orientation, readiness AND enjoyment for your initial weeks: everything to expect from the front gate to your children's school and your first academic class.

Here, you'll find need-to-know and good-to-know information for USAWC students, spouses and families.

These first weeks begin the unique Carlisle experience for each student, spouse, family - getting the 'lay of the land' and balancing academic pursuits, professional development, and personal growth through complementary social, family, fitness, and resiliency activities found here - where student success is mission #1.



Housing Choices

A critical before-you-go decision, housing options include 152 student family homes on Carlisle Barracks, managed by Balfour Beatty Communities. You'll apply for on-base housing within the Online Inprocessing site [See Plan & Know, Before you Go Section]

As you weigh your options between on-post living and the neighboring communities, the Army Housing Office is your guide to make informed decisions.

"I thought it was great, and would do it again."

AY 2017 student

If you have school-age children, contact the School Liaison Office for details about the school districts associated with residential neighborhoods in the surrounding region. [See Family Choices Section]

Maximize your Carlisle experience by living on campus -- convenient, small, tailored for all activities for family, retail, academic, fitness, spiritual and social life.

Student assignment for on-post homes is prioritized: (1) military members (US and international) who are accompanied by family; (2) unaccompanied US and international military members: geo-bachelors; (3) civilian students. Housing applications completed through the Online Inprocessing site as of 14 April 2017 will be prioritized according to bedroom requirements and placed on the appropriate waiting list by date of rank order (with promotable status taking precedence).

BBC's goal is to provide housing assignments directly to students no later than 1 May 2017.

After the initial housing assignments are made, follow-on applications will be placed on the appropriate waiting list; eligibility date = application date.


Family Choices


Personal and professional development are objectives for both students and student spouses, with educational options, wellness and fitness resources and guidance, and a cohort of colleagues to make the journey rewarding on many levels. For example, the USAWC Military Family Program designs a customized program each year with classes, spouse-designed projects and spouse-requested programs.

Spouses create their own Carlisle experience through new friendships, official activities, seminar events for students & spouses, self-development classes, "Conversation & Culture" with international spouses, the Spouses Club's interest groups, Fitness Centers, Chapel activities, and personal pursuits.


Assignment at Carlisle Barracks is like facing a long hall of open doors. Whether you're an athlete, a thespian, an outdoorsman, a scholar or historian .... Being HERE opens doors to school-based activities, to adventures and experiences sponsored by on-post agencies, like Outdoor Rec, the Chapel Youth, Youth Services and the post's Fitness Campus, and to a wide range of sports facilities, college and semi-pro teams, concerts, amusement parks and more -- within about an hour drive.

Families with Children

"Family-friendly" is more than a bumper sticker at Carlisle Barracks. Learn about the wide selection of family activities, a wealth of school information and the programs of the Carlisle Barracks School Liaison Officer, and "Uniquely Carlisle" experiences.


Carlisle & Cumberland County

Carlisle Barracks is a dynamic center of services and activities -- surrounded by vibrant communities nested in the heart of the Cumberland Valley. At your fingertips, here, is a guide to services and resources on the Carlisle Barracks post, excellent schools and nationally-ranked colleges in the local area, and helpful Pennsylvania references to guide you.


Enjoy Pennsylvania

Covered bridges, antique shops, old-fashioned buggies among 21st century cars, downtown federal-style architecture, street fairs, outdoor life, the Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia ... are among the amazingly diverse, unique and fun reasons to love a Pennsylvania assignment. Find a wide-ranging selection ...